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About Us

“Our vision has been to create a vibrant and supportive artist community at our farm and to eventually incorporate a year-round outdoor sculpture exhibit here.”

Kathy has had her stone carving studio at the farm for several years and has also held stone carving classes. Her students have always remarked on what a beautiful and inspiring setting it is. Some fellow artists spoke to us about the difficulty in finding affordable studio spaces in the Burlington area. We have a large former dairy barn that was not being used and figured that it could easily be divided into studios. As we spread the word about what we hoped to do artists began to be interested.

And so the process began.
In January of 2010, there were two artists working here in the carving studio. Renovation of the barn into studio spaces began in March 2010, and by October 2010 there were 12 artists on site. Now, in 2012, there are 17 artists working in their studios here.The vision of our year-round sculpture exhibit began to materialize in June of 2011.  8 sculptures are on display in the fields and lawns of the farm, representing 7 Vermont sculptors.
To find out more information about our artists please click on the pages to the right.
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9th Annual Open Studios Saturday, May 20, 2023, 10am-4pm

1260 Pond Rd. Shelburne, VT 05482

Come to Shelburne Pond Studios—a picturesque red barn nestled in a field of wildflowers overlooking idyllic Shelburne Pond. Art enthusiasts won’t want to miss this particular one-day event in Shelburne, popular with locals and visitors alike. Beneath the barn’s towering twin silos, its resident visual artists will be on-hand to share their creative vision in a surprising variety of disciplines: painting, sculpture, jewelry, glass, environmental art, assemblage art, furniture refinishing, fiber, weaving, stone carving. Visitors are invited to wander freely among the studios at 1260 Pond Road in Shelburne, from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday May 20, 2023. Participating artists will share work-in-progress, demonstrate their artwork, answer visitor questions, and sell finished work. Visitors can also enjoy wandering or picnicking in the sculpture garden of this magnificent 12-acre property. Contact:, 802-999-4394 for more information.

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Open Studios Saturday

Saturday October 22, 2022, 10am – 4pm


Come join us at Shelburne Pond Studios’ Fall / Holiday Open Studios Saturday on October 22, 2022, 10am – 4pm. Same place, new artists. Fun family event.

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Article from Shelburne News – January 6, 2022

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Couple carves artist haven from old dairy farm

Katharine Stockman teaches stone carving to people of all ages. “I’ve had kids 4 and 5 years old. They love carving,” Stockman said. And not just the softer and easier to carve soapstone. She’s taught kids to carve limestone, alabaster and “a neighborhood kid was working in marble last year.”

But stone carving is far from the only art at her Shelburne Pond Studios. There are artists who paint, work with fiber and glass, make furniture, repurpose found objects, make music and video, and write plays.

Stockman and husband Rad Romeyn founded the studios in 2010, converting a former dairy barn into 13 studios with 15 artists currently.

None of the 15 is Romeyn, who said he’s not an artist, just the maintenance man.

“He’s an artist appreciator and greeter,” Stockman added, as the space where the former milking stalls cum artist studios gradually filled with people arriving to revel in the arts at a holiday open house in early December.

Stockman and Romeyn moved to the former farm in 2005. The dairy barn no longer had cows, just “an old tractor and 10,000 bales of hay,” Stockman said. “So, studio by studio, one by one by one, we started finishing them off using mostly recycled materials.”

Global positioning sculptures

The easiest way to find Shelburne Pond Studios is to look for the sculptures. On the south side of the road there’s a grassy hill where an assortment of sculptures has replaced the cows but which still nibble at passersby’s aesthetic sensibilities. For the GPS-oriented, the address is 1260 Pond Road.

One of the sculptures of note for Shelburne residents is a large cairn constructed of burned timbers from the Old Dairy Barn at Shelburne Farms, an iconic and treasured barn built in 1891 that burned down five years ago after apparently being struck by lightning.

At the time, Shelburne Farms President Alec Webb, said, “The Old Dairy Barn was an important presence, a quiet partner in our programs. Its loss reminds us of how important our historic barns are to the fabric of this place and the whole community.”

A stack of huge yellow “pencils” close to the studios is also prominently connected to Shelburne. The creation of Chris Sharp, whose giant red jack constructed of fire hydrants stands on the east side of Shelburne Road across the street from the fire station — an appropriate place since the sculpture is a tribute to firefighters and their sacrifices after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Several years ago, metal sculptor Bruce Hathaway who works from his studio in Richmond asked if their field could be used for exhibiting outdoor sculpture. “He said there’s no place in Vermont currently that has year-round outdoor sculpture exhibited. When I bring my sculptures back from an exhibit or a show, they just go into my garage,” Stockman said. “I’d like to be able to have them where people can see them.” Stockman and Romeyn thought it was a great idea. She began contacting other sculptors and now they have metal, wood and stone sculptures from a variety of artists in what is essentially their front yard, a number of which they’ve sold for a minimal commission.

Stockman’s stock in trade The stone Stockman carves comes from around the world including Canada, India and Brazil and most of it comes from her supplier in New York City, who will walk around his inventory and try to find stone that fits her needs.

In one of the miracles of modern technology, he shows her stone on his cell phone and when she gives the OK, it’s shipped out by mail. One thing that hasn’t changed is someone still has to deliver the raw stone. “The poor UPS guy,” Stockman said.

After 23 years of stone carving, she is still fascinated with discovering what the stone will reveal.

The studios sit on a knoll with 360-degree views of Shelburne Pond, Mount Mansfield, Camel’s Hump sunrises and Adirondack sunsets, with the Green Mountains and Hinesburg to the south.

Landscape painter Annette Hansen believes she’s got the best windows in the studio. Although she often works from sketches, she can also just look out her window and paint the landscape she sees standing at her easel.

Stockman keeps the rents low so they can provide emerging artists with a space in a supportive community of other local artists.

The studio is open to the artists 24/7, but people who are interested in the work of an artist would do best to set up an appointment first.

The most popular way to see the artists’ work is to attend one of two open houses each year. The next will likely be around Memorial Day. Stockman tries to schedule them at the best time for the greatest number of Pond Road Studio artists.

“We have a lot of gratitude and appreciation that we’re able to do this and people want to come here,” Stockman said. “It’s just a beautiful place, so we’re pretty blessed by all of this.”

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Holiday Open Studios Saturday, December 11, 11AM – 5PM

Come join us for art, fun, neighbors and to celebrate whatever holiday you choose!!!!!

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Masks required

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Come one. Come all!!

You are invited….


On Memorial Day Weekend, Vermont artists will again be opening their studios and displaying their art to the public at Shelburne Pond Studios. A picturesque red barn is nestled in a field of wildflowers, overlooking idyllic Shelburne Pond. It’s part of the annual Open Studios Weekend hosted by the Vermont Craft Council statewide. Art enthusiasts and appreciators won’t want to miss this wonderful two-day event in Shelburne, popular with locals and visitors alike. Beneath the barn’s towering twin silos, its resident visual artists will be on-hand to share their creative vision in a surprising variety of disciplines: painting, sculpture, jewelry, environmental art, assemblage art. But that’s not all. 7 local guest artisans have been invited to share their work in the barnyard and studios. Students from Shelburne Community School will once again have an annual exhibition of their artwork.

Visitors are invited to wander freely among the studios and stalls at 1260 Pond Road in Shelburne, from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26. Participating artists will share work-in-progress, answer visitor questions, and sell finished work. Visitors can also picnic on the grounds and in the sculpture garden of this magnificent 12-acre property.

OSW 2019 photo

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Call to Artists – Shelburne Pond Studios Vermont Crafts Council 2019 Spring Open Studios Event: Shelburne Pond Studios and Sculpture Exhibit (SPS) will be participating again this year in the Vermont Craft Council’s 2019 Spring Open Studios Weekend (OSW). SPS is a unique arts destination that boasts of over a dozen multi-disciplinary artists’ studios in an authentic converted dairy barn, large sculpture installations on the stunning surrounding grounds and a uniquely Vermont scene. SPS has had very successful Open Studio weekends in the past, drawing visitors from across the state, US and Canada. This year we are again transforming SPS into a large community arts event by inviting local artists and crafts people, musicians, and food vendors to join us. When: Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Rain or shine Who: Vermont artists and crafts people with original visual art and/or hand-made crafts. Deadline for application: Monday, April 1, 2019 Delivered by post to: Shelburne Pond Studios, c/o Kathy Stockman, 1260 Pond Road, Shelburne, VT, 05482 Delivered by email to: or Fee: Applicants must include or send a check for $35.00 to be made out to Katharine Stockman. The check will be processed only when an applicant is selected by the Shelburne Pond Studios artist selection committee to participate. Funds will not be reimbursed if applicants withdraw their participation at a later date. Checks from applicants who are not selected by the committee will be returned or destroyed. If you would like your check returned to you, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Applications should include: (1) the applicants contact information and (2) application fee ($35). (3) First time applicants should include five good-quality images of different works that are representative of what will be available at your booth / tent. Returning artists need not submit images. Applicants should also include any special needs they may have (i.e. access to electricity.) Notification: All applicants will be notified of the selection committees’ decisions by email no later than Monday, May 6, 2019. Rules and Regulations: 1. This event will be a rustic outdoor event. Open Studios will go on, rain or shine. Participants are responsible for the shelter and protection of their work (overnight, as well). 2. Applicants are responsible for their own display needs: table, booth, chairs, tents, extension cords, easels, etc… 3. Participants can price and sell their work directly from their tent / table keeping all proceeds. The participating applicants accept that Shelburne Pond Studios is not responsible for any theft or damage to their work. 4. Participants are responsible for their own tent / table signage, labelling, etc. 5. **Participants will also advertise their participation in the SPS 2019 OSW to their mailing lists(s), friends, family, local area merchants, etc. Inquiries: Kathy Stockman at or

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Call to Sculptors

Shelburne Pond Studios Sculpture Exhibit, Shelburne, VT. is inviting all Vermont sculptors to submit entries for sculptures to be exhibited outdoors, year-round on the beautiful property of Shelburne Pond Studios. The sculpture exhibit is designed to increase the artist’s visibility and presence in the Vermont art world. The exhibit is on-going. We encourage entries from new and emerging artists as well. See Exhibiting Sculptors on his web site. For more information contact Katharine Stockman,

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