Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith – sculptor

name: Joe Smith (smitty)
Studio: joesmithstudio
cell phone: 413-218-7271
address: 69 Joy Drive, #D3, South Burlington, VT. 05403

artist’s statement: As a materialist/formalist, I believe in the power of
objects as a way of constructing a space for experience. Within that space, I hope to
generate a variety of meanings that may enter the sculpture from the material itself;
its past, its present, and from what I do with it. I think of my work as non-fiction in
that it deals with facts, but facts mediated or marked by a past (nostalgia) and a
present (the new) made by me. In this notion of non-fiction the experience comes
from the thing itself (the object) and may create a kind of space that makes me
physically approach it differently. That is, I require my sculptures to do something, to
act so as to cause instability, which may take the form of an opening or clearing in
thought and feeling. To my mind, this work lands between the tension of nostalgia
and the new, and in that way, moves beyond my desires or me and into the larger
world of experience.