Dana Rachlin

Dana Rachlin, multi-media and metal sculptor


Dana Rachlin was born in New York City in 1960. Before living in Vermont, she lived in California, New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Paris. She has a degree in Broadcasting and is a teacher of technology. As far back as high school, Dana has taken classes in every sort of artistic medium possible, working with clay,  papier-mache’, ancient paper printing, sculpture and collage.

In 1998 she moved with her family to France and found a lovely Italian sculpture teacher who spoke no English to guide her artistically for 3 years. After Paris, Dana moved to Vermont where she has been steadily working and displaying her art since 2004. She recently took up scrap metal sculpture after learning how to weld.

For more info on Dana’s artwork please contact her at: danarachlin@hotmail.com



Watchwork Tile Collage

Watchwork Tile Collage

Giant Metal Chicken

Giant Metal Chicken

Spring Gear Flower

Spring Gear Flower


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